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Start Students Strong!


We are excited that your family made the choice to join Virtual Prep Academy at Monterey. We look forward to supporting you in your school journey. To ensure that our students are prepared to start the year off strong, we offer support services that may include onboarding plans, course tutorials, and orientations.


Visit this page for important start of school information and to find technical support and tips for a successful school year at Virtual Prep Academy at Monterey.


What to Expect the First Week

Below are some of the strategies & tools we use to onboard new students. 

  • Live Orientation Sessions
  • iReady Testing
  • Course Tutorials
  • Live Help Sessions

How to Access the Online School & Course Dashboard

If you are logging in on a school provided computer, please complete the following steps:

  1. Open your computer, plug it in, and connect to the internet.
  2. Log into your computer with your provided email account and password
  3. You will be prompted to change your password.
  4. After changing your password click OK to authorize the password change.
  5. You will see your Course Dashboard.
  6. Click on the course card titled “Orientation.”
  7. In the left-hand menu click on “Conferences” to access the live Orientation Session you would like to attend.

If you are logging in on a personal computer, please complete the following steps:

Go to

  • If you do not have any other google accounts or have never logged into google mail you will be prompted to enter an email and password. Use the provided information to log in.
  • If you have existing google account, click on the drop-down carrot and choose “add another account.” Use your provided account info to log in. 
  • Once you are logged into Google Mail with your provided account, open a new window and go to
  • Click “Student Log-in” on the top, right-hand side of the website home page. you will be prompted to choose a Google account. Please select your school account.
  • You will see your Course Dashboard.

Technical Support

Please visit the AMP Technical Support Page or call 833-426-7457 (833-4AMPHLP)  if you experience issues relating to hardware, software, or other general technical support questions.